Meet Our BJJ & MMA Instructors

Our instructors are a diverse group of high level BJJMuay ThaiMixed Martial Arts, Yoga, and Fitness competitors and professional coaches. We have decades of experience training in martial arts styles from around the world. Conquest has the staff to train any student how to defend themselves both on the ground, and standing up. We don’t teach techniques we hope will work, we teach techniques we know work, as proven in live competition and self defense situations. If getting in the best shape of your life is your goal, our team will make it a reality. All of our instructors get down on the mat and train with our students. We believe, above all, it is important to lead by example. The team is led by 4th Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Vicente Junior. Professor Vicente Junior is a native of Brazil and has trained in BJJ for over 16 years. With numerous world titles to his name, he is one of the most technically sound Black Belts training in the US today.

Vicente Junior full profile »

Vicente Junior

Head BJJ Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Lance Trippett full profile »

Lance Trippett

BJJ / MMA Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Nate Grebb full profile »

Nate Grebb

MMA / Fight Fit / BJJ / Muay Thai Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Kail Bosque full profile »

Kail Bosque

BJJ / Head Children's Instructor
Amateur MMA Fighter

Henry Smith full profile »

Henry Smith

Muay Thai Instructor

Micah Terrill full profile »

Micah Terrill

Fight Fit Instructor / Muay Thai Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Josh Ford full profile »

Josh Ford

Head MMA Coach
Professional MMA Fighter

Brian Clouser full profile »

Brian Clouser

BJJ Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Sarah Kellner full profile »

Sarah Kellner

Yoga Instructor / Barre Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Wade Briegal full profile »

Wade Briegal

Professional Boxing Coach

Bao Khong full profile »

Bao Khong

Striking/Muay Thai Instructor

Michele Dowdell full profile »

Michele Dowdell

Fight Fit Instructor

Joe Ernandis full profile »

Joe Ernandis

Children's Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Erika Bosque full profile »

Erika Bosque

After School Program Instructor

Sam Mrozinski full profile »

Sam Mrozinski

Fight Fit Instructor

Gil Bosque full profile »

Gil Bosque

Women's & Fundamentals BJJ Instructor

Drew Schmitter full profile »

Drew Schmitter

Fight Fit Instructor

Jay Palacios full profile »

Jay Palacios

BJJ Instructor

Jarrid Bosque full profile »

Jarrid Bosque

Children's Instructor / Wrestling Instructor
Amateur MMA Fighter / BJJ Competitor

Matt Schellenschlager full profile »

Matt Schellenschlager

BJJ Instructor
Amateur MMA Fighter / BJJ Competitor

Genero Lerma full profile »

Genero Lerma

Children's Instructor

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