3 Reasons You NEED a Yoga Practice

Published on October 21, 2017

By: Megan Aird

YOGA?? I know what you are thinking. Really. I have been in your shoes.

You are a busy grown-up with limited time to do anything, let alone workout. You are not about to waste an hour of your week on a “stretching class.” This was my attitude for so many years. I made every excuse in the world not to give yoga a try.

“But I’m not flexible”

“I need something more fast pace”

Finally, my buddy and resident cage fighter extraordinaire, Micah Terrill, had enough of my excuses. He literally picked me up and carried me into class.

Fine. I will try it.

The studio was a balmy 90 degrees, but still, I rolled out the mat I was given and proceeded to stumble through my first class. Luckily, my instructor, Sarah Kellner, was very supportive (and very flexible) and her music was on point.

Well, as you may have guessed by now… I was hooked. Let me give you three of the many reasons I kept coming back:

1. Being flexible feels good!
Before I started I could not even touch my toes. Now, picking up after my 3 kids is a little bit easier. Tight neck or shoulders? Yoga can help. Back problems? Yoga. Hamstrings? Yoga. As we get older our recovery time is not as fast as it once was. We need to keep our muscle stretched and pliable so that we can continue to run, swim, lift, roll, box, or even just do housework better. Top NFL Quarterback, Tom Brady is known for workouts that focus on muscle length, pliability and strength. You may not have all of Tom’s resources, but you can get similar results through a regular yoga practice.

If you have ever been to hot yoga on a Monday you will notice that it is always packed. You will also begin to notice the faint scent of distilled liquor in the air as the vinyasa begin to flow. It’s no secret, hot yoga makes all of your poor weekend choices a little less bad. There are even certain poses and twists that are meant for detoxification.

3. It is a workout!
Welcome to one of the hardest classes at the gym. You may be deceived at first by the incense or the pretty blonde instructor, but trust me, it’s about to get real. Conquest yoga is fast paced, sweaty, and will burn some serious calories. You will be holding poses until your muscles shake (that is a good thing I’m told), you will be standing on your head, balancing on your arms, and doing many push-ups disguised as “chaturangas.” At the end of the class as you are laying on your back in savasana, with a cold towel on your eyes, you will notice how great your body feels, and…you will be hooked too!

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