Another MMA Title Comes Home to Conquest!!

Published on February 19, 2014

Washington D.C. saw an exciting night of fights on the February 15th as Operation Octagon Conflict 27 lived up to the hype. Echostage lit up with big screen projections of 19 action packed MMA fights. BJJ Conquest had five fighters preparing for the night, beginning months in advance, but with the misfortune of family tragedy, injury, and adverse weather conditions, two Conquest warriors remained to enter the cage.

Matt Schellenschlager started off the night for Conquest as the 1oth fight on the card. Let’s just say he did everything he needed to do. Coming out in dominating fashion Matt picked apart his opponent with precision striking. The fight was abruptly halted after a controversial break in the action by the referee. The doctor entered the cage to take a look at what was ruled as an illegal eye poke by Matt. The audience sat in awe as the poke appeared to be a perfectly legal closed fist punch. After only a minute of deliberation, the Dr called a stop to the fight and it was ruled a no-contest. Only the replay video will show what actually happened. Bottom line, Matt looked great, and was well on his way to a decisive victory before it was cut short by a questionable call.

The night hit it’s pinnacle as Conquest’s Tony Dabbondanza, the current 145lb champion, faced off against a very game Rob Watley from Royal Martial Arts. Tony moved up a weight class to challenge Rob in an attempt to acquire a second OO Title in the 155lb Lightweight Division.  A war of wills ensued as the fighters traded blows and takedowns for a grueling 3, 5 minute round, display of skill and determination. When the dust settled, Tony had a dominating 2nd round performance, but with the 1st and 3rd rounds too close to call, suspense was in the air. Rightfully so, the judges came back in Tony’s favor with a Split Decision victory. Once again, making his team, his family, and his fans proud, Tony displayed a will to win that can be matched by very few. Having achieved his amateur goals, Tony has his eye on making his pro debut in June at Shogun Fights X in Baltimore, MD.

Congratulations to both Conquest Fighters, and all those who walked away with wins on Saturday. Thanks to the Operation Octagon promotion for once again putting on a first class show, and letting our guys do what they do best. We’re looking forward to the next one.  

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24 hours before the win!

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