They Come For The Pie, They Stay For The Hospitality Part 1

Published on August 16, 2016


There are many reasons why people start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Most of the time they continue training for different reasons. In this post we will go over the several reasons why people start training.


Get In Shape

With fitness being more popular than ever, people are always looking for a new way to quickly lose those unwanted pounds. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a great way to get in shape. It provides a high intensity work out all while teaching valuable skills. Gone are the days where going to the gym running on a treadmill and lifting weight repeatedly is sufficient. People today want new and exciting workouts that vary day to day. Another popular exercise theme is group training. BJJ offers challenging and dynamic workouts to people of any fitness level.


Self Defense

Beyond reaching fitness goals, people want to feel safe. BJJ is by far the best marital art for self-defense. It relies on techniques and use of leverage to immobilize a would-be attacker. There are countless videos of people getting into physical altercations all over the Internet. Unless the fight is over in the first 5 seconds because of a violent knock out, the fights always end up on the ground. Rigan Machado once said, “The ground is my ocean and I’m a shark, you don’t even know how to swim.” Any untrained person quickly realizes the peril that faces them when they are engaged on the ground with even the newest of BJJ practitioners.


Something To Do

Now that general fitness and self-defense are covered… a third reason people start training BJJ is because it’s something to do. Humans as a species crave social interaction. Some prefer one-on-one time, while other like large groups. Which ever you prefer, BJJ can offer it to you. It gives you something to look forward to during the day and a new experience every time you step on the mat. No roll or practice is ever the same. It may have the same general flow or outcome but every exchange is different. With endless possibilities Jiu Jitsu is the ever-changing rubix cube that draws you in to figure it out.


Stay tuned for next weeks post about why people stay with Jiu Jitsu. If you have any thoughts on why you started BJJ make sure to comment below.

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