The Conquest Pro Team

Welcome to the BJJ Conquest pro team page. Each of our fighters and competitors are dedicated to their discipline and have elected to showcase their skills in competition. The Conquest MMA team fighters all have a well rounded set of striking and ground skills they bring to the cage for every fight. Our BJJ Competition Team is lead by Professor Vicente Junior and makes up Conquest’s elite Gi BJJ practitioners.

Conquest believes in building each fighter into a complete mixed martial artist so they can dominate their opponent, no matter where the fight goes. The team focuses on the specific skills needed to be successful in the cage, which transfer well to real life self defense. A heavy emphasis is placed on mixed martial arts conditioning. Our team is made up of amateur and professional fighters of all different skill levels, and we’re always adding new members so check back often.

The BJJ Competition team travels around the Country seeking the highest levels of Jiu Jitsu competition. The team competes in local tournaments such as New Breed, US Grappling, Copa Nova, etc to help prepare them for the larger IBJJF competitions. Competition Team practices focus on advanced techniques and intense drilling/rolling sessions. Team members dedicate themselves to improving their personal Jiu Jitsu skills as well a those they train with. They train together, improve together, and win together.

Here from the BJJ Competition Team Captain…

Click on the individual fighters/competitors below to reach out to them on social media, see their full bio, or to request a private lesson. Join us now, to see yourself on this page, and begin your championship journey!

Vicente Junior full profile »

Vicente Junior

Head BJJ Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Lance Trippett full profile »

Lance Trippett

BJJ / MMA Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Nate Grebb full profile »

Nate Grebb

MMA / Fight Fit / BJJ / Muay Thai Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Kail Bosque full profile »

Kail Bosque

BJJ / Head Children's Instructor
Amateur MMA Fighter

Sarah Kellner full profile »

Sarah Kellner

Yoga Instructor / Barre Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Josh Ford full profile »

Josh Ford

BJJ / MMA / Nutrition Coach
Professional MMA Fighter

Brian Clouser full profile »

Brian Clouser

BJJ Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Jarrid Bosque full profile »

Jarrid Bosque

Children's Instructor / Wrestling Instructor
Amateur MMA Fighter / BJJ Competitor

Myron Baker full profile »

Myron Baker

Professional MMA Fighter

Rob Watley full profile »

Rob Watley

Muay Thai Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Micah Terrill full profile »

Micah Terrill

Professional MMA Fighter

Pat "King" Rivera full profile »

Pat "King" Rivera

Muay Thai Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Paul Cavanaugh full profile »

Paul Cavanaugh

Amateur MMA Fighter

Edwin Randall full profile »

Edwin Randall

Amateur MMA Fighter

Michael Mehl full profile »

Michael Mehl

Children's BJJ Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Tony Dabbondanza full profile »

Tony Dabbondanza

Professional MMA Fighter

Joe Ernandis full profile »

Joe Ernandis

Children's Instructor
BJJ Competitor

Matt Skibicki full profile »

Matt Skibicki

Fundamental Muay Thai Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Zak Adomanis full profile »

Zak Adomanis

Amateur MMA Fighter

Jason Park full profile »

Jason Park

Muay Thai Instructor
Amateur MMA Fighter / BJJ Competitor

Ethan Cola full profile »

Ethan Cola

Amateur MMA Fighter

Elijah "E" Gbollie Jr. full profile »

Elijah "E" Gbollie Jr.

Muay Thai Instructor
Professional MMA Fighter

Matt Schellenschlager full profile »

Matt Schellenschlager

BJJ Instructor
Amateur MMA Fighter / BJJ Competitor

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