Watley Soars to the Top

Published on August 31, 2017

Watley Soars to the Top: How Conquest’s Own Is Shaking Up the MMA World

By Megan Aird

“Just think about it like dancing”

… At the moment I was not thinking about dancing at all.  I was in a large blue padded gym surrounded by some of the best cage fighters in the region.  I was sweating, red-faced, and throwing some less than stellar jabs compared to my counterparts. I was one of the only girls in the mist of some very large and intimidating men and wondering how I came to be here.  Nonetheless, I was face-to-face and taking instructions from the #1 FloCombat nationally ranked lightweight fighter.

That fighter, and our instructor, was Rob Watley.

It was a Monday evening and the region was in the midst of a heat wave.  During this particular class at Conquest in Millersville, MD, I was ready to release the day’s energy on some poor unsuspecting heavyweight, but today we were working on only jabs.  That’s right, only jabs.

I was skeptical, but not surprised since Watley has a reputation for being a meticulous fighter.  Each punch and kick is deliberate, quick, and expertly executed.  His attention to detail has shot him through the ranks of the MMA world at a break neck pace.  Since switching to train at Conquest in 2014, Watley (age 28), has been undefeated.  He currently holds bragging rights as the Lightweight (155lbs) Champion of the following promotions:

  • Shogun Fights, Maryland’s premier professional MMA organization
  • XFC (Xtreme Fighting Championships)
  • LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance)

Rob is not just good, he is entertaining as hell.

Easily the crowd favorite, Rob’s style in the cage is smooth.  He flows through combos just as elegantly as any dancer.  His unique blend of Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Muay Thai will have you on the edge of your seat.  You probably won’t even notice the other fighter in the cage, you will only want to know what Rob will do next.

At Shogun in October 2016, the arena was mesmerized as Rob took on Cole Presley in a title defense.  You could not look away, or you would miss Watley’s next move.  Sharp, focused movements combined with large, graceful transitions bring an unusual flair to the cage, and the fans eat it up.

That night Rob won by unanimous decision after 3 exhilarating rounds, but trust me, it doesn’t go to his head.  Rob is humble and kind. He will probably be blushing as he reads this article.

And that is exactly how someone like me was able to get face time with one of the best.  I’m not going to say that when I tried “dancing” my jab it didn’t look ridiculous, but I will tell you that by the end of class, it was better.  Everyone in the room was a little better by the end.  That’s because on top of being a great fighter and person, Rob is a great teacher too.

If you would like to take a class with Rob or even just say hello, you can find him most days training at Conquest Academy in Millersville, MD.  Check out the his official FloCombat Ranking by clicking this link. http://www.flocombat.com/article/59753-flocombat-prospect-rankings-lightweight-robert-watley-snags-top-spot#.WaVb1CiGPIU

Keep your eye on Rob, the big show is right around the corner!

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