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What does it take to be a champion? A success? A winner? A good person?

No matter the endeavor, a strong character and solid set of values is the foundation needed for anyone to achieve his or her goals. The Conquest Kids Program is designed to provide children with an environment that allows them to experience, learn, and practice core values like self-discipline, focus, commitment, team work, and respect.

Our program provides a very challenging and safe environment for students to mature. The results of consistent training at a young age goes far beyond the accomplishments on the mat. The high standards and discipline expected from our instructors often carries over to behavior in school and at home.

The Conquest children’s wrestling classes are designed for children involved in competitive youth wrestling programs, and for BJJ students who want to improve their take down game. If your child could use some extra time on the mat to gain the edge over his competition, this is the perfect class. The coaching staff focuses on the basics. We will cover basic stance, foot work, and maintaining good wrestling posture. Participants will be exposed to high levels of off season conditioning and drill work to be used both on the mat and at home. Every class will have live situational training and end with live wrestling.

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