Children’s Programs

Give your children a gift that will last a lifetime

“I’m so glad we started our children at Conquest. They seem happier, more confident, and are even doing better in school. I know this will change their lives”. –Cindy

It is never to early to teach your children how to defend themselves. Our children’s program teaches invaluable life skills such as self discipline, self confidence, self control, and self defense. All Conquest instructors began training martial arts at a young age, and we’re all better people for it. We challenge you to find any individual who has studied martial arts and regret it. You wont. Almost all of our adult students have been quoted stating something along the lines of “Wow! I really wish I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when I was younger”. We believe in function over flash. BJJ teaches a system that has proven itself functionally effective across the martial arts disciplines in both competition and self defense scenarios. As children advance in skill and age we introduce them to more complex techniques, and ultimately other styles such as boxing and Muay Thai.

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