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After School Programs in Millersville

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Get The Best After School Care Program Available in Millersville and Beyond!

At Conquest Martial Arts & Fitness, we are proud to provide an after school program that packs a punch! Our team of professional instructors provides martial arts lessons that will help your child stay focused, active, and healthy. We even provide transportation from school! Get started with the best, most exciting after school care available in Millersville today.

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Why Choose Our After School Care?

Our team at Conquest Martial Arts & Fitness strives to offer every parent from our Millersville community the opportunity to access stress-free, high-quality after school care, and to give kids the chance to enjoy it! We keep things simple by offering transportation from school, homework time, professional supervision, and a safe environment. We also help your child develop important life skills through Taekwondo lessons!

Through our after school program, you'll get:
  • Professional supervision for your child
  • Transportation from school to Conquest Martial Arts & Fitness
  • Martial arts lessons
  • A community atmosphere where your child will thrive

If you need flexible, reliable after school care for your child and hope to give them the opportunity to continue learning and growing after school lets out, enroll in our program at Conquest Martial Arts & Fitness and get the best care available in Millersville!

Enroll Your Child in Our After School Program Today!

We're proud to offer a safe, supportive, and high-energy environment where kids not only have fun learning the martial arts and connecting with new members of the community -- they also thrive under the guidance of our amazing instructors as they learn Taekwondo and gain confidence.

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