Myron Baker

Myron Baker

Myron fell in love with MMA when deployed to Afghanistan. Whenever they had a chance he and his fellow soldiers would watch the Pride Fighting Championship and UFC. Myron started telling everyone in his platoon that he was going to be a professional fighter when he got out of the Army. He didn’t actually start training until about two years after leaving active duty service in 2009. The military to civilian transition was difficult and he experienced some depression due to difficultly finding stable employment. Once he started training and fighting there was an immediate positive change in his life and he hasn’t looked back since. Initially, Myron bounced around to different gyms trying to find a school that would constantly challenge him and help him grow his skills. He found that with Team Conquest. It wasn’t a walk in the park and he had to develop many new skills that he didn’t need to use at his previous gym because these guys were good. From the BJJ team to the MMA team, he know he was home. Myron came in for a cross-training sparring session one night and joined a month later. “I am proud to be part of Team Conquest”.

Tale of the Tape

Professional MMA Fighter

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 145lbs

Pro Record: 5-5

Amateur Record: 5-5

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